How can we understand the distribution of health outcomes, equity and financial protection for the poorest?

Streamlined Analysis of health outcomes with ADePT Software

What is it and how can it help? 

ADePT is a software package that generates standardized tables and charts summarizing the results of distributional analyses of household survey data. The Streamlined  Analysis with ADePT Software book provides a step-by-step guide to the use of ADePT for analyzing the distribution of health outcomes and financing among the poorest, including equity and financial protection. It explains the concepts and methods used by the software and supplies more detailed, technical explanations.

When does it work best? 
  • ADePT software is best used at the early problem identification stage of a project as a means of streamlining and standardizing data.
  • ADePT is well-suited to national and regional studies on universal health care coverage.
  • The ADePT software and manual make it possible for researchers without extensive statistical training to perform a range of analyses to build an evidence base for introducing universal coverage reforms and for monitoring the effects of these reforms.
  • Conduct of social audit through community participation can enhance effectiveness.
How do I use it? 
  • The manual provides a guide to ADePT's two health modules: the first  covers inequality and equity in health, health care utilization, and subsidy incidence; the second, health financing and financial protection.
  • ADePT can be used for discrete analysis as part of problem identification and project preparation or for large scale national and regional studies.
  • The costs and duration depend on the scope of the analysis and range Low cost/Short duration to High cost/Long duration. 
Where has it been used? 

Under the Regional Study on Universal Health Coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean, ADePT was used to analyzed 56 surveys covering 9 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico and Peru.

What are its limitations? 
  • Practitioners should possess some previous knowledge of relevant quantitative techniques and/or have received basic training in ADepT software.
  • Considerable time has to be invested in preparing dataset, otherwise garbage in garbage out
  • The length of the guide may be burdensome to readers and is yet to be widely translated.
Where can I go to learn more? 
  • Guidance: Training Manual
  • Tool: ADEPT Homepage & Video Trainings