How can we stimulate demand for improved sanitation?

Sanitation Marketing

What is it and how can it help? 

Sanitation Marketing employs the “Four Ps” —product, price, place, and promotion—to scale up the demand and supply for improved sanitation, particularly among the poor. The “Four 4ps” have proven themselves  in terms of enabling scale and producing results in commercial sector as well as in social marketing applications such as in health.

When does it work best? 
  • Sanitation Marketing  works best to move people  further up the sanitation ladder (compared to approaches such as CLTS that focus on ending open defecation).
  • Sanitation marketing can be broadly employed in any scenario in which the  development of sanitation supply and demand are desired
How do I use it? 
  • Sanitation marketing starts with formative research to understand the consumers and supply sides  and goes on to include the development of a marketing  strategy and a communication campaign.
  • Sanitation marketing is used to stimulate market mechanisms through the application of the marketing mix, including product, place, price, and promotion.
Where has it been used? 
  • The Sanitation Marketing Toolkit has been used as part of the Global Scaling Up Sanitation effort of the Water and Sanitation partnership (WSP).
  • The toolkit has been used in Tanzania, Kenya, Lao PDR, Uganda and Indonesia and prospectively in Ethiopia and Niger.
What are its limitations? 
  • The approach may require a financing strategy specifically for the poor in order to enable continued success.
  • Inadequate budgeting for promotional and marketing tools and strategies can endanger the approach’s impact.
  • Complementary approaches to develop scalable business models and stimulate private sector may be needed.
Where can I go to learn more?