How can we design effective performance-based contracting arrangements in the health sector?

Performance-Based Contracting for Health Services Toolkit

What is it and how can it help? 

The Performance-Based Contracting for Health Services Toolkit provides governments, task teams, NGOs, and other interested stakeholders with a practical, “how-to” guide to contracting. The toolkit guides users through the contracting cycle and systematically explores important issues for performance-based contracting. Performance-based contracting is a form of contracting that explicitly includes a clear definition of a series of objectives and indicators by which to measure performance, as well as consequences for the contractor based on performance such as provision of rewards or imposition of sanctions.

When does it work best? 

This toolkit can be used for deciding whether to utilize a performance-based contracting approach and for informing the practical design and implementation stages of a Health project that incorporates performance-based contracting.

How do I use it? 
  • Users walk through the various sections in order and can reference appendix items for more detail on specific topics.
  • The “how-to” framework on contracting is broken down into seven aspects and a checklist for contracting is provided.
Where has it been used? 

Performance-Based Contracting for Health Services has been used in a number of countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cambodia, DRC, Guatemala, Pakistan, Rwanda, South Sudan.

What are its limitations? 

Many of the “how-to” issues are a matter of experience rather than of systemic evidence.

Where can I go to learn more? 
  • Toolkit: Contracting Toolkit
  • Resources: Additional Contracting Resources