Adaptive Management Workshops

Adaptive Management Workshops provide an introduction to adaptive management principles and connect practitioners facing a common delivery challenge. Participants work together to think “outside the box” and strategize about how to address delivery challenges through peer exchange and case-based sessions. The workshops also link practitioners with existing processes and instruments, tools and approaches for adaptive management available across GDI partner organizations.

Adaptive management principles promote iterative feedback loops for practitioner learning and ongoing course correction in development projects. GDI has designed a learning program on adaptive management, which seeks to reveal and help articulate existing delivery know-how focusing on mindsets, knowledge, and practical tools and approaches needed for adaptive management. By adaptive management, we refer to a wide range of development and knowledge management practices which enhance the ability to continuously problem-solve and navigate complex change processes – whether internal or external. The adaptive management agenda embraces a “learning by doing” pedagogy to help identify what strategies and instruments facilitate delivery during project implementation in order to respond in a timely fashion to complex dynamics. These approaches aim to address constraints or barriers hindering better development results. 

Adaptive Management Workshops aim to connect practitioners in order to surface and help articulate existing delivery know-how based on tacit knowledge, focusing on mind-sets, knowledge and practical tools and approaches to work more adaptively. The sessions focuses on “the how” and “the why” of common delivery assumptions and challenges, while providing the space to problem-solve together with peers through practical case clinics in a co-creative environment. This is complemented by semi-structured or facilitated discussions, drawing on the thinking that informs current efforts to work more adaptively in the development sector. Through these workshops, participants will have an opportunity to directly contribute to and influence this thinking by sharing their own views and experiences with other practitioners.

Adaptive Management Workshops can be adapted and tailored to your organization’s needs; please contact the GDI Secretariat for more information.

MOOC on Adaptive Leadership in Development

The Adaptive Leadership in Development MOOC, will give you skills in adaptive practice, to uncover local solutions to complex problems in developing countries.  This MOOC is one of four, in a University of Queensland MicroMasters of Leadership in Global Development.