The Action Learning Program

The Action Learning Program (ALP) offers a problem-driven, multi-stakeholder approach to address complex, multi-sectoral problems related to a development challenge, promoting dialogue among distinct stakeholders, and facilitating joint identification of delivery challenges and solutions.

As part of GDI’s Learning Program, the ALP methodology brings a variety of actors together to solve complex and multi-sectoral problems related to a delivery challenge. The ALP provides a structured, but flexible, mechanism to promote dialogue among distinct stakeholders, leading to straightforward identification of delivery challenges and solutions and a set of agreed-upon actionable indicators. The goal of the ALP is to generate actions that are collectively determined and motivated by stakeholders to address shared delivery and development challenges. The main objectives of the ALP are:

  • Creating a space for exchanging evidence, knowledge, and experiences to construct a shared evidence base.
  • Facilitating the identification of priorities through joint design and implementation of diagnostic tools.
  • Bringing stakeholders from different sectors, countries and disciplines together through participatory linked activities.
  • Strengthening capacity for groups of stakeholders to act to address shared problems and challenges.

By sharing experiences, stakeholders are able to better understand one another’s perspectives on problems, to develop a more complete understanding of gaps and challenges, and to identify and discuss a variety of potential solutions. In cases where different stakeholders may have divergent interests, this discussion of experiences and perspectives helps to identify such differences, as well as ways to mitigate these issues. 

Listening to stakeholders, and providing a participatory framework in which the perspectives of all stakeholders can be discussed and can contribute to action, is another important aspect of the ALP. Dialogue is key when first preparing to tackle a shared challenge; it remains so throughout the course of a given action, when joint indicators allow stakeholders to course correct if necessary.