Learning Program

GDI’s Learning Program works directly with frontline development practitioners, helping them to identify delivery challenges and find actionable solutions. The approach is grounded in GDI principles of a) adaptive implementation, b) multi-dimensional response, c) focus on citizen outcomes, and d) attention to context.

This approach works through a combination of techniques, including analysis of delivery challenges and facilitated discussion, using several familiar problem-solving tools. Critically, it aims to go beyond the tools and provide a “safe space” for meaningful experiential learning processes to grapple with substantive issues of delivery.

The Online Course aims to help frontline practitioners from GDI partners to familiarize themselves with the concept of delivery challenges, identify challenges they face and their root causes, and design actionable solutions to these delivery challenges through virtual platforms.

Delivery Labs

Delivery Labs are (online and face to face) joint brainstorming sessions that convene a small group of practitioners and experts to make tacit knowledge around implementation challenges more accessible and ultimately work toward joint problem solving.

Pilot Projects

On a pilot basis, GDI carries out intensive, on the ground analytical support to gain a deeper understanding of systemic delivery challenges, bringing together perspectives from diverse stakeholders.