Science of Delivery at Work: Learning From Local Governance Successes in Education

May 14, 2015
World Bank HQ, MC4-100

Effective delivery of public services continues to be a challenge as countries battle complex issues of equity, quality and access. Policy makers have struggled to identify accountability mechanisms anchored on best practices that can mitigate some of the delivery challenges and break what has been identified as a continuous cycle of poor service delivery. Yet many of these efforts do not lead to the desired outcomes as broader political, administrative, and social institutions in which the public sector operates in and the incentives that they generate, impact the performance of providers to deliver services. This in turn impacts citizens' trust in the state and its public institutions.      

Local successes can provide useful inspiration as highlighted in the recent publication, Trust, Voice and Incentives: Learning from Local Success Stories in Service Delivery in the Middle East and North Africa, which examined the cycle of poor performance and presented local cases of successful service delivery in both the health and education section. This session will share and build on the two education success stories analyzed in the above publication (cases included in the Global Delivery Library). Local leaders as well as the case study team will provide insights into delivery successes and failures, and discuss the elements of success. The session will explore how local practitioners found the space to navigate the embedded institutional norms, and how the local strategies can be transferred across countries, regions, and service delivery sectors.      

Chair: Amit Dar, Director, Education Global Practice, The World Bank Group    

Moderator: Hana, Brixi, Global Lead, Public Service Delivery Global Solutions Group


  • Salam Al-Taher, Director, Jenin School Directorate The Palestinian territories 
  • Abla Habyeb, Principal, Kofur Al Qoud School, The Palestinian territories
  • Michael Woolcock, Lead Social Development Specialist, The World Bank Group Manal Quota, Education Specialist, The World Bank Group
  • Jumana Al Aref, Junior Professional Associate, The World Bank Group  


  • Luis Benveniste, Practice Manager Education GP, The World Bank Group
  • Asmeen Khan, Practice Manager Governance GP, The World Bank Group
  • Dilip Parajuli, Senior Economist, Education GP, The World Bank Group              

Closing: Maria Gonzalez de Asis, Lead, Global Delivery Initiative, The World Bank Group