The Global Delivery Initiative's Delivery Labs

June 27, 2019 to August 30, 2019
The Global Delivery Initiative's Delivery Labs

The Global Delivery Initiative's Delivery Labs

Delivery Labs provide a platform for collective brainstorming on actionable solutions to address challenges in implementation

Are you designing or implementing an intervention to improve service delivery outcomes in areas such as health, education, or water and sanitation? It is likely that you are facing, or will face, operational challenges that are intimately linked to context, actors, power dynamics, and incentives. Have you wished there was a quick and easy way to access actionable solutions to these challenges? The Global Delivery Initiative (GDI) is launching Delivery Labs to help with just that!

Delivery Labs bring together thematic experts with specific operational knowledge from GDI’s partner organizations and other invited guests who are working to overcome the obstacles and bottlenecks that can impede development efforts. Each lab begins with a practitioner (the “challenge holder”) sharing an operational challenge that he or she is currently facing in the context of an ongoing project. This brief presentation is followed by a facilitated group discussion and brainstorming session where experts share relevant experiences. Ultimately, participants work together to co-create actionable solutions. These sessions allow for peer exchange of experience-based knowledge, as practitioners explore problems and think through potential solutions.

GDI invites you to share your implementation challenges and get actionable suggestions on how to overcome them. If you are interested, please send your answers to the following questions to Sruti Bandyopadhyay at We will select 5 projects for this first round of Delivery Labs.

❏ Name of the organization

❏ Name of the contact person

❏ Briefly describe your challenge (500 words)

❏ What 1 to 3 questions would you like to explore with participants?

Submission deadline: August 31, 2019
Delivery Labs will take place after August 31, 2019. Most of the Delivery Labs will take place virtually (via WebEx).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sruti Bandyopadhyay at or Sheng Cui at