Delivery Challenges Working Group

November 9, 2015
World Bank HQ

As part of the Global Delivery Initiative (GDI),a Working Group composed of ADB, AfDB, DFID, GIZ, IADB, and WBG will meet to design a system that can arm practitioners with insights that help in addressing delivery challenges faced in on-ground operations. Such a system would establish an analytical basis for systematically identifying and helping solve the most common delivery challenges. World Bank will present one such potential system, DeCODE, to spark off the conversation.

8:30 Welcome & Introductions
  • Welcome & Workshop Objectives
  • Working Group Members’ Introduction
  • Global Delivery Initiative Updates 
  • Walk through the Day’s Agenda
  Session I: Understanding Delivery Challenges

Why are Delivery Challenges critical? Framing the Problem


Where does my organization stand on Delivery Challenges?

minute Presentations: ADB, AfDB, DFID, GIZ, IADB

10:20 Group Discussion: Thinking about defining and identifying Delivery Challenges
  Session II: Addressing Delivery Challenges
11:15 Group Activity: Practitioners’ Perspective: How do we currently try to address delivery challenges?
11:30 Group Discussion: What might a solution look like?
  Session III: Moving Forward – Common Solution

World Bank System Prototype Interactive Session : 

Delivery Challenges Checklists for Operations & Delivery Challenges Briefs

2:00 Group Discussion : Improving the Prototype
  Session IV: Working Together - Challenges and Opportunities
  Group Discussion : Challenges that each organization might face to move this agenda forward? How can GDI help move this agenda forward? 
  Session V: Roadmap & Next Steps

Group Discussion: Specifics of Collaboration: Decide Working Group Objectives & Specific Actions

  • Asian Development Bank
  • African Development Bank 
  • Department for International Development
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
  • Inter American Development Bank 
  • World Bank Group