Civil Society Policy Forum: Adaptive Learning & Management in Practice – What are we learning?

October 6, 2016
World Bank HQ

The Civil Society Policy Forum (CSPF) has become an integral part of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group Spring and Annual Meetings, providing an open space for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to dialogue and exchange views with World Bank Group and IMF staff, their peers, government delegations, and other stakeholders on a wide range of topics.

This session is organized by Global Integrity and will provide an opportunity for participants to gain insights about why adaptive learning and its close cousin, adaptive management, are hypothesized to better address persistent governance and implementation challenges and how they can be tangibly put into practice. Specifically, panelists from GDI, AGI, Feedback Labs and GPSA will discuss their respective initiatives and how they have engaged in adaptive learning in order to contribute to better development results. Panelists and participants will reflect on three questions located at the core of the debate:

  • Why is adaptive learning thought to contribute to better development results?
  • What role do power and politics play in any unfolding adaptive learning process?
  • What do we learn when engaging in adaptive management projects?

The session will allow participants to learn about ongoing initiatives, reflect on key issues and discuss the ins and outs of adaptive learning and management.

Moderator: Johannes Tonn (Director of Partnerships & Programs of Global Integrity)


  • Maria Gonzalez de Asis (Program Manager, Science of Delivery, World Bank)
  • Dennis Whittle (Executive Director of Feedback Labs)
  • Dan Hymowitz (Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative) 
  • Charlotte Oernemark (GPSA, World Bank)