8th Regional Knowledge Sharing Event: GDI and Knowledge for Operations

November 2, 2016 to November 4, 2016
Chongqing, China

China and other Asian countries play an increasingly important role in the world economy, expanding their role in international cooperation and South-South knowledge exchange across the globe. Leveraging their delivery know-how, knowledge and expertise can furthermore help support the effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, a goal shared by international financial organizations, agencies and development partners. 

As part of GDI, the Ministry of Finance of China, GIZ, USAID, ADB and the World Bank Group, among others, have partnered in order to collaboratively address delivery challenges, seeking to harness Asia’s unique development experiences and draw on its delivery know-how and innovative knowledge solutions in development projects. The 8th Regional Knowledge Sharing Event: GDI and Knowledge for Operations seeks to bring together members of the development community as well as multiple stakeholders from different sectors and countries, to connect around delivery know-how and innovative knowledge solutions by: 

  • Identifying, capturing, and sharing tools and processes for strengthening implementation knowledge for operations; 
  • Sharing the GDI platform, products, and community for connecting practitioners around multi-sectoral implementation knowledge know-how; 
  • Providing an Asian perspective on implementation knowledge and its application to development interventions; and
  • Developing and experimenting with new methodologies, tools and products to capture and share implicit/tacit knowledge, as well as explore opportunities and commitments on action.

A focus will also be placed on showcasing and making use of case studies on the “how” of delivery, developed by GDI partners including the ADB and highlighting good practice from China. The event will also include the launch of GDI’s online platform and jointly-developed GDI products such as the Global Delivery Library, an online library containing structured case studies, briefs and practitioners’ profiles focused on the "how" of implementation, and DeCODE, an online system which points practitioners to delivery challenges at the regional, sectoral and project level. Participants will also draw upon their collective and cumulative knowledge on delivery challenges and solutions for real-time decision making, including tacit knowledge.