2016 Global Leadership Forum

June 1, 2016 to June 3, 2016
World Bank HQ, Preston Auditorium

The Forum will gather more than 200 representatives from the Global Partnership on Collaborative Leadership for Development (GPCL4D) members, government and private enterprise, research institutions, civil society, foundations and other international development actors who are working in areas of collaborative leadership. The event will address the increasingly important role leadership and coalitions play in promoting development solutions and will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience among policymakers and practitioners, highlighting the important role Leadership and Coalitions play in promoting inclusive and sustainable development solutions.

GDI will participate in the forum with a presentation on "Linking Leadership and Results". Panelists in this session will discuss the challenges faced in linking leadership and project implementation to desired outcomes and will include participants from government, the private sector and WBG staff. Maria Gonzalez de Asis, Head of the Science of Delivery Unit, will speak about the practices behind terms like ‘adaptive leadership’, ‘adaptive management’, or ‘adaptive implementation’, and how her team is contributing to bringing this cumulative knowledge together, connecting experts to one another, and helping identify the non-technical problems that hinder project implementation, such as politics, procurement, and behavior.

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