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Addressing Chronic Illness in Low-Income Populations through Innovative Health Service Delivery Practices: The AtlantiCare Special Care Center, 2007–13

The AtlantiCare Special Care Center (the SCC) in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was set up to focus on the needs of a specific set of patients: the sickest 10–20 percent of the patient pool of the health trust of an Atlantic City hospitality workers union, Local 54. These patients suffer from chronic conditions that drastically affect their quality of life and that are extremely expensive to treat. At the same time, ill health and out-of-control health care costs represented a burden on the local economy.


Aleem Walji

Aleem is Chief Executive Officer at the Aga Khan Foundation USA. Previously, he was Chief Innovation Advisor within the Leadership, Learning, and Innovation Vice Presidency at the World Bank Group.


Aileen K. Lem


Can We Really Capture Tacit Knowledge? by Dan Honig

In this video, Dan Honig from John Hopkins University shares his ideas about the challenges of capturing tacit knowledge, whether feedback loops already incorporate tacit knowledge or not, and discusses the tools and techniques that he has used in the past to gather feedback and implicit knowledge to improve delivery. 


Gathering Tacit Knowledge from Micro-Credit Programs, by Timothy Ogden

In this video, Timothy Ogden from New York University, discusses the  tools and techniques that have been used to capture, share, and preserve tacit knowledge in the implementation of micro-credit programs. 


Tim Ogden

Tim Ogden (@philaction or @timothyogden) is managing director of the Financial Access Initiative at NYU and executive partner at Sona Partners,


Carlos Enrique Serrano Valentin

Financial executive with 30 years of experience in international and emerging markets, leading and working on teams focused on delivering banking and development products and services to clients in Spain, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas, particularly Latin America.


Alexandria Valerio

Alexandria Valerio is a lead education specialist in the Education Global Practice at the World Bank Group. She is currently a member of World Development Report 2018, which focuses on Education.


Francisco Marmolejo

Francisco Marmolejo is the World Bank’s Lead of its Global Solutions Group on Tertiary Education, and since July 2016 he also serves as the Lead Education Specialist for India, based in Delhi.


Sudarshan Gooptu

SSudarshan Gooptu is a Macroeconomist with over 25 years’ experience in the World Bank. Currently he is the Global Lead of the Fiscal Policy Global Solutions Group in the World Bank's Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Global Practice.