Aug 19, 2016

Mapping the Adaptive Learning Ecosystem

Jacob Bathanti , Consultant

As the GDI continues to consolidate and scale up its activities around developing a cumulative body of knowledge on delivery and adaptive management, the Initiative also seeks to collaborate with like-minded efforts. As a number of related initiatives have launched, this ecosystem has become increasingly rich. 

In a recent blog Dave Algoso and Alan Hudson from Global Integrity presented a brilliant comparison of nine different initiatives that aim to reform aid and development practice through a greater focus on adaptive implementation. They rightly point out that most of these initiatives have overlapping and mixed stakeholders from countries, NGOs, multilateral and bilateral organizations. They find that while this increasingly rich environment has allowed for "cross-pollination" and better learning, these initiatives approach adaptive learning very differently. In evaluating the current state of the landscape, Algoso and Dave provide plenty of food for thought about the future of these initiatives. The full blog post can be found here