Dec 9, 2019

KDIS Student Case Study Seminar Tackles Diverse Delivery Challenges

Blair Cameron , Consultant
Jacob Bathanti , Consultant

What kind of traps and challenges typically keep development interventions from reaching their goals? And what can students of development learn and teach about these challenges?  

Since 2017, the Korea DeveIopment Institute School, a GDI partner, has offered an annual course, called “Government Reform – Case Writing Practicum.” This course allows KDI students from around the world to examine challenges that can impede public service delivery, as well as practical reform measures. At the end of the course, students develop study proposals reforms in their home countries, and are sponsored by KDI to undertake field research for their case studies. To date, a number of such case studies have been published in GDI’s Global Delivery Library, covering topics that range from disaster preparedness to health system coordination to citizen security. And more are on the way. 

On November 13, 2019, KDI School convened a case study seminar for students who are currently in the process of drafting case studies. Prospective case writers also benefited from the seminar. GDI team member Blair Cameron delivered a talk on GDI’s case study methodology, and reports that it was great to have two case study writers who have finished their case studies teaching the students and other attendees about the research and writing process. 

The seminar provided an opportunity for KDIS professors, and other students as well, to provide feedback on case studies currently in progress. This format strengthened the learning focus of the case studies, and will help writers sharpen their case studies before they are published.  

As the case studies take shape, certain themes recur. Echoing earlier published cases, stakeholder engagement was a key delivery challenge across the case studies in this cohort. GDI looks forward to publishing these case studies and making these insights available to a wide audience. 

This blog post draws on a KDI School post on the seminar. Photo courtesy of KDI School.