Nov 26, 2019

GDI case study competition winners examine how to overcome obstacles in fragile and conflict-affected environments

GDI Secretariat Team , GDI Secretariat Team
In addition to publication in GDI's Global Delivery Library, case study competition winners received these trophies as an acknowledment of their achievement

A highlight of GDI's recent annual conference was the chance to recognize the winners of GDI's first-ever case study competition. GDI sought submissions of case studies that described how development practitioners overcame difficult challenges to implement projects or programs in fragile and conflict-affected environments. The competition was open to anyone who wanted to explore mechanisms of success and failure in implementing development interventions in these challenging environments. Case study entries addressed a range of development challenges in countries around the world.

These case studies are available in GDI's Global Delivery Library. They include:

These case studies cover a range of stubborn delivery challenges – obstacles that impede implementation of policies, projects, and programs – in conflict-affected, fragile, and transitional situations. Tackling these delivery challenges is crucial to successfully deliver services to those who need them, particularly as the global fragility landscape becomes increasingly complex and the percentage of the world’s extreme poor living in these situations increases. We hope that you find these competition-winning cases to be as thought-provoking as we do. And we look forward to hearing from you, so let us know what you think.