May 4, 2017

Contribution Tracing - A New Approach to Impact Evaluation

Sruti Bandyopadhyay , Knowledge Management Officer

In GDI, we are constantly, looking for innovative tools to capture adaptive implementation processes. In doing so, we came across this tool called: Contribution Tracing (Befani & Stedman-Bryce, 2016). It is an innovative, quali-quantitative approach to establishing causal inference. Contribution Tracing has been designed to support the formulation and validation of a ‘contribution claim’ about the role played by an intervention (or parts of it) in the realization of one or more outcomes of interest. CARE has been using this approach in the Halcrow Project. Halcrow project is a learning partnership between Pamoja, CARE UK International and two CARE country offices in Ghana and Bangladesh.  Check the video to know how project participants from Ghana are using Contribution Tracing for impact evaluation.