The GDI is grounded in strong partnerships between practitioners, development and academic institutions with mutual interests in sharing development experiences and lessons that focus on implementation and results. GDI collaborates with partners to bring the best available operational know-how to support practitioners in making better-informed decisions.

GDI builds on the experience of its partners to connect perspectives, people and organizations across sectors and regions to ensure practitioners have the operational knowledge they need for effective implementation. As of today, more than 30 GDI partners include governments, donors, implementing agencies, academic institutions, and grassroots organizations. 

No single organization can solve the most complex development challenges on its own. That is why GDI promotes close collaboration and joint efforts between actors that are tackling key development challenges in order to not only avoid duplicating efforts, but also leverage and scale up interventions that have proven to be successful while avoiding failures from the past. Through strong partnerships, GDI aims to not only enrich the design and implementation of solutions and increase the probability of achieving positive results on the ground, but also significantly change the way practitioners understand development cooperation, do business, and work together.

GDI also offers a mechanism of collaboration aimed at enriching the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). GDI provides support to the implementation of the SDGs by facilitating sharing of experiences, including successes, challenges, and lessons learned as well as promoting system-wide coherence and coordination of sustainable development policies.

Partners can contribute to GDI by sharing available materials, experiences, information, data and analytical tools; preparing delivery case studies for the Global Delivery Library; providing in-kind contributions such as staff time, facilities for workshops, conferences or training seminars; and other partnership activities. 

For more information on becoming a GDI partner, please contact the GDI Secretariat.


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