Sruti Bandhyopadhyay

Knowledge Management Officer

, World Bank

Sruti Bandyopadhyay joined the Global Delivery Initiative Team at the World Bank in 2015. She has worked at the World Bank since 2012, providing technical expertise to capacity building programs, peer-learning initiatives, and World Bank projects focused on strengthening the role of accountability institutions in public financial management systems. Prior to her work at the World Bank, Ms. Bandyopadhyay worked in rural India on social accountability, focusing on public finance and public administration.  She holds a Master in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. At the World Bank, Ms. Bandyopadhyay's work involves engaging with Global Practices and Regions to mainstream Science of Delivery in operations, as well as leading GDI practitioner network activities.

Role in GDI

Ms. Bandyopadhyay leads the GDI Learning Program, which aims to identify,  articulate and share  existing delivery knowledge in Operations through practical tools and approaches.