Miriam Bensky

Governance Specialist

, World Bank Group

Miriam Bensky joined the Science of Delivery Team in 2015. She has worked at the World Bank since 2008, providing technical expertise to capacity building programs, peer-learning initiatives, and World Bank projects focused on at strengthening the role of accountability institutions in public financial management systems. Prior to her work at the World Bank, Ms. Bensky served as Development Director for several NGOs with field experience in Thailand, India, and South Sudan. She received a Master’s in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex and is also a graduate of the University of Washington with dual degrees in Women Studies and Community and Environmental Planning. Ms. Bensky's tasks include designing and delivering training and knowledge sharing exchanges through the Global Delivery Initiative (GDI).

Role in GDI 

Ms. Bensky co-leads the GDI Learning Program, connecting practitioners in order to address common delivery challenges and employ adaptive management tools and approaches.  She co-leads the GDI Action Committee on Learning for Adaptive Management and stewards GDI’s Advisory Board and Steering Committee in order to bring implementation knowledge to the forefront of the development agenda.